Mt. Fuji Climbing  
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  We introduce a mountain climbing guide for you who travel in Mt. Fuji Area.
 Not only Mt.Fuji but also the neighboring mountains where you see Mt. Fuji very well.
 Surely it will become the splendid journey for you.
Mt.Fuji Climbing

Official period:
1St July to 10th September

Regular season :
The beginning of May to November

Guide Rate
Round trip - 5th station To The Summit  
5th To 8 station                   ¥24,750
5th to 7 station                   ¥16,500

Shuttle service is available if groups of you are less than nine..

The time required of round trip
5th To The Summit 12〜13 hours
5th To 8 station   6〜7  hours
5th To 7 station   4〜5  hours

Explanation of Round trip to the Summit
☆Sunrize tour = You climb it to the top in the night. And you watch the sunrise seen at there. it is most popular way to climb among Japanese.
Usually stay overnight at a mountain hut. I act for your reservation of the mountain hut. You can divide walk time. It is easier than you climb it in a day.

☆Regular tour = You climb it to the top in the day time.

※if you would like to participate sunrize tour, you have to come official period. it is closed all montain cottage out of official period.
※However, it is no problem to come regular season if you don't mind watching sunrize at the 5th Station of Mt. Fuji.

The average year, Climbing to the top of Fuji is possible from the end of June to the end of October
※When snow is left in the mountain trail, you can go up to this side.
A standard: in May and Nov to the 7th / June and end of Oct to the 8th
※please talk about meeting time and place in addvance
※The number of people that one guide can take: 15 pople

Mountain Cottage

rate of the mountain hut: One night
I may not get a reservation depend on a day especially weekend and middle of August.
And mountain hut is necessarily uncomfortable. Please understand occupation space is very small

There are 4 mountain trails of Mount Fuji. If you climb down other trail when you climb up,
Guide rate   
¥55,000 + Transportation expenses of the guide

Visiting crater wall of Mt. Fuji (Pass the highest point of Japan - it's takes about 1.5hour)
Additional charge 

Shuttle Service

Pick you up at Kawaguchiko station or some hotels in Kawaguchiko by the car which a guide owns.
Taking to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji and Bringing Back to the Kawaguchiko town.

1 to 5people

6 to 9people ¥22,000

Reference: FujiQ climbing bus

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  Please tell us, as for your plan [When][How many] and any demands.
  Guesthouse Sakuya
Tel 0555-76-7887 internationl 81555767887
Adress 2526 Oishi Fujikawaguchiko Yamanashi, Japan 
  Cancellation policy
7 to 2days before 50%. The day before and the day 100%
※When, you cancel booking for reasons of the bad weather It does not take cancellation fee even in the day.
Neighboring mountains of Mt.Fuji climbing

Available mounth
Regular tour : It is all other than July and August
Diamond Fuji, Sunrize or Sunset tour : late Oct to early Feb

☆Diamond Fuji, Sunrize or Sunset tour = You climb a mountain and watch a scenery of the sun sets in or sun rize from the summit of Mount Fuji.

☆Regular tour = You climb the mountains where you see Mt.Fuji well or clim up to Mt.Fuji 5th station that you climb along the traditional way of Mt. Fuji clibming.
●Neighboring mountains

●Climb to Mt.Fuji 5th station

Rate (a guide In a group )
Half day(within 4hours) : ¥13,200
One day:            ¥22,000

The groups more than seven need consultation.
Include pick up car. go to and back from entrance of Mountain trail.
But if you choose other trail descend when you climb up, you need to pay transportation expenses.

Stert early mornig or come back After dusk like Diamond Fuji tour.
Additional charge 

If you climb down other trail when you climb up.(Climb the length of some peaks)
Additional charge ¥2,000+Transportation expenses of the guide and your own

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