He has began his career as a Jazz drummer at 8 years old, and played with various bands. He was shocked by classical music, and began to learn classical percussion and marimba.

Since1997, He studied at “Conservator Superieur de Paris” (CNR) , “Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris” (CNSM) and in the same year, he won the best prize(without 1st prize winner) in the 46th Munchen international competition (ARD). The award-winning concert was broadcasted all over the world. After that, he studied at “Karlsruhe musikhochschule(Germany)”.

He also accepted the second prize in the 16th Japan Winds and percussion international competition, Aoyama music prize 2004, the prize of Japan Culture Affairs artfesticval musicsection rookies of the year 2005, etc.

From 1997, He was invited to the many music festivals such as “ Berlin chamber music festival”, “Munchen Jazz and More Festival”,“The Kammer Musik Festival at Korn Philharmony” ,etc.

After he had many performances in Europe, he stopped to perform e in public and decided to learn more about classical technique and music. He studied with an opera singer, pianist, violinist and gradually, acquired the technique based on bel canto singing method.

2004 Solo recitalJapan debut(Tokyo FM hall)
2006 Maki Ishii as a solist(Yutaka Sado conduct,Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra)
2007,08 collaboration with dance as a role of pierrot
on marimba (Tokyo Philharmonic symphony orchestra)
2006,09 Siena wind Orchestra Japan Tour as a solist
2010 (Asahi TV) Untitled concert
five times series at Sangenjaya salon tessera(playing,direction,performance)
Original performance(Hama-rikyu asahi hall)
2011 Percussion Recital performance (Tokyo Cultural Center small hall)
Orchestra Unsemble Kanazawa Family Concert as a solist
2012 Suntory Summer Music Festival Xenakis ”Oresteia”as a solist(Suntory Hall)

He has performed in various music festivals such as Sendai clas sical music festival, Suntory Summer festival, Mount Fuji Kawaguchiko music festival,Karuizawa music festival, La folle Journee au Japon, Spring Festival in Tokyo, Suntory Summer Festival, etc.

While he lived in Yamanashi、he planned and executed various concerts and workshops.

He opened his house to the public and held concerts (House concert of the lake saiko). As these events got a favorable notice, bus tours became very populer. In addition, these activities were broadcasted by a documentary Program-24-jikanTV.

He has remarkable repartories from famoue tunes of the ancient and modern times, jazz, contemporary music and original pieces and combine them with dance,improvisations,workshop(body for doing music)etc.

He pursues new possibilities of percussion instrument.

He is attracted by Gypsy(Roma)music. Lately he has arranged many musical pieces which is inspired Gypsy and played them. He has introduced original works and they have been admired by various field.

He came across the flamenco 7 years ago and plans to act as a dancer in future.


2008 SOLO CD